Sheshequin-Ulster Community Center
     DRAFT Meeting Minutes
     December 10, 2002
     Attending: Laura Blain, RoseMarie Grzincic, Edward Knapp, Gene Weisbrod,
     Shari Whipple; board members absent: Rorry Colon, Cathy Cook, Donald
     L.Roach Jr., Rick Stackhouse; volunteers present: Jeff Harford, Myron Brown
     The meeting was opened at 7:30pm by Laura.
     Minutes: Because Rorry is absent, no minutes were available.
     Treasurer's report: Gene presented the report for November. Prior balance
     reported, (October) was $6,725.34, income = $648.85, bills paid = $1,168.95,
     including the loan payment of 506.64, end of November balance = $6,205.24.  
     The outstanding loan balance is $4,889.83, leaving a net available fund balance of 
     $1,315.41.   A Knapp/Grzincic motion was passed to accept the treasurer's report.
     Gene also noted that he had not been able to get to the post office in several weeks
     and asked that mail be forwarded to his home address.  Laura will pick up mail
     every two weeks, making deposits as funds are received and forwarding bills. 
     Because the mail has not been checked, it is unknown if Ulster Township sent a
     Previous/Unfinished Business:
     Madeline's plaque: Laura brought the plaque tonight.  The boy scouts will mount
     it as a scout project, and keep it covered until a formal installation ceremony. 
     RoseMarie will contact members of Madeline's family to schedule a date
     amenable to them, trying first for a Friday night during skating.  When a date is
     confirmed, RoseMarie will also invite the prior Rec board, township supervisors,
     and any other people whose names are suggested to her.
     Visit from Santa: Laura checked with Cathy before the meeting, who has no
     information about the plans made, and was unable to reach Rorry, so it is
     unknown at this time what plans, if any, are made.  Laura will continue trying to
     contact Rorry and try to reschedule to a later date if  possible.
     Extra Tables: and those loaned were delivered to the Trinket Community Center
     by Ed.
     Soda Machine Key: is still missing.
     By-Laws Revisions: Laura has typed the old by laws in preparation for revisions,
     but no further progress has been made yet.  It was noted that because we are an
     INTERIM board, any changes we make might only be recommendations for the
     board elected at the annual meeting.  With plans for Santa's Visit and Madeline's
     plaque ceremony being current higher priorities, the annual meeting and arranging
     sufficient notice to find and involve all non-profit organizations will not be as
     soon as January; but might be arranged by March.
     New Business:
     Saturday Night Dances: Doug Felt scheduled a dance for last month, which had
     a small turnout, but resulted in a group of teens planning another.  They would
     like to hold dances once a month, on the second Saturday of each month.  The
     next dance is scheduled for January 11, 2003.
     Monday Night Basketball: Myron Brown will begin basketball on Monday
     nights from 6:30 to 8 pm for 10 to 13year olds beginning December 16th.
     Computer Donated: A used but functional computer with monitor has been
     donated by Dean Sanderson (Laura's brother-in-law).   It will be available either
     to an officer who might need it for Rec Center purposes (ie: for minutes?); or
     perhaps a secure place can be designated in the building where it can be available
     for supervised practical use (ie, having kids make signs for Rec Center events,
     helping with homework, archiving music lyrics for review and approval, archiving
     minutes, etc.)  Specs are: Dell Dimension 133mhz, 16mb ram, 1.5 hard drive,
     Windows 95, Word 97, Excel, and Powerpoint installed, no printer.
     Toilets frozen: Matt reported frozen toilets on 12/03, Doug Felt and Don Roach
     came in to thaw the pipes, and doors to bathrooms will now be left open when the
     building is not occupied, so heat reaches the bathrooms.  Heat should also be set
     no lower than 60.
     Keys distribution: Jeff requested that he be given his own set of keys since he is
     usually the DJ for skate parties and is able to run the party unsupervised.  At a
     recent party, he was unable to get into the skate closet because the keys left at the
     store were missing the padlock key, and he needed to phone his parents to get
     tools to cut the padlock in order to run the party.  A Weisbrod/Grzincic motion
     was approved to provide a full set of keys to Jeff Harford.   He was told to use
     them for parties only, and that under no circumstances should he be in the
     building with any youth unless another adult was present.
     Next Meeting: Will be TUESDAY, January 14, 2003, at 7:30 pm.     
     A Grzincic/Knapp motion was passed to adjourn the meeting at 8:35 pm.