Sheshequin-Ulster Community Center
Annual Meeting DRAFT MINUTES April 26, 2011

The meeting, held at the Rec Center, Totem Street, Ulster, PA, was called to order at 7:12 p.m. by President Paul Bennett.

Attending: were representatives from Cub Scouts (Kim Babcock, Leigh Trasco); 4-H (Carolyn Knapp and Valerie Knapp); Mather Memorial Library (Janice Bennett); Trinket Community Organization (Laura Hewitt, Kurt Lafy); Girl Scouts (Krissy Pruyne and Sue Teeter); Sheshequin Ulster Community Center (Paul Bennett, Michelle Harnish and Nicole Kinney); New Generation Church (Chris Kinner, Pastor Doug Abbey and Bradley Crane); Harvest House Church (Brian Moyer and Josiah Moyer). Also present were Emily Teeter, Josh Holdren and Pastor Arnie Johnson.

Janice Bennett/Laura Hewitt motion to accept the April 29, 2010 Biennial Meeting Minutes as read by Kim Babcock unanimously passed..

President's Report: : President Paul Bennett gave a report to the membership highlighting the past year's accomplishments, including, but not limited to:
   Friday night skates have been well attended with weekly averages in the 30s with numbers fluctuating into the 40s and 50s.
   The basketball program was attended by an average of 18 kids.
   The volleyball and floor hockey programs both had 12 kids signed up with an average of 10 regulars attending.
   Josh Holdren and Chris Kinner continue to hold open basketball nights with an average of 8 to 12 in attendance.

  Parties were held as follows:
   August 2010 - Back-to-School Blast with 30 kids in attendance.
   October 2010 - Halloween Party with 70 kids in attendance.
   December 2010 - Christmas Party with 67 kids in attendance.
   April 2011 - Easter Party with 90 kids in attendance.

Upcoming events include :
  Scheduled May 21st event with Kurt Lafy on 141st Regiment of the Civil War.
  Possible flag football at the ballfield;
  community event in August
   and possible civil war re-enactment.

Treasurers Report: Michelle Harnish noted a 4/26/11 checking account balance of $7,733.03 and a savings account balance of $6,250.52 for a total balance of $13,983.55. The previous balance reported on 3/29/11 was $11,568.38. The profit and loss statement showed total income for 2010 of $7,992.56 and total expenses of $6,390.21 for an ordinary net income of $1,102.35 plus interest income in the amount of 4.26 totalling $1,106.61.
  A letter written by Cindy Williams outlining her review of the QuickBooks entries was read by Michelle Harnish and is on file with the secretary.

Awards presented:
  President Paul Bennett presented the Madelene Daugherty Volunteer of the Year award to Josh Holdren for his outstanding services in 2011. Also receiving the award for 2011 was Cora Williams who was unable to attend.
  Emily Teeter was presented with a plaque for Junior Volunteer of the year award.
  Laura Hewitt was presented with a plaque/pen for her outstanding years of service to the Rec Center.
  Allie Campbell and Amanda Cornish will also be presented with thank you medallions for their help as well.

CHANGES TO BYLAWS: The following motions were unanimously passed:
  Laura Hewitt/Janice Bennett motion to return to annual meetings as requested by the membership present at the 2010 meeting.
  Chris Kinner/Bradley Crane motion of addition to the bylaws as follows: "Article IV. Directors Section 6: Spouses shall not serve on the Board of Directors together."
  Kim Babcock/Valerie Knapp motion to add a dissolution clause to the bylaws as follows: "Article X. Dissolution Clause Upon the dissolution of this organization, assets shall be distributed for one or more exempt purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code, or shall be distributed to the federal government, or to a state or local government, for a public purpose."

Vote of Board Positions:
Board positions continue to be held by Paul Bennett, Christopher Kinner, Leigh Trasco, Carolyn Knapp and Bob Lee. Expiring positions are that of Laura Hewitt, Michelle Harnish and Kim Babcock. The following slate of board positions was presented to the membership: 1-year term: Michelle Harnish Laura Hewitt/Carolyn Knapp motion passed unanimously to accept slate as nominated.

3-year term:
Nicole Kinney
Brian Moyer
Kim Babcock

1-year term:
Michelle Harnish

Laura Hewitt/Carolyn Knapp motion passed unanimously to accept slate as nominated.

Carolyn Knapp/Leigh Trasco motion passed unanimously to elect Laura Hewitt as auditor for next year.

Kim Babcock/Bradley Crane motion passed unanimously to elect Cindy Williams as second auditor (dependent on her acceptance); if she's unable or unwilling, Krissy Pruyne will serve.


President Paul Bennett closed by thanking all for attending and opening the floor for any additional comments at which time Bradley Crane commented on being very pleased and impressed with the Rec Center's performance in the previous year. Laura Hewitt/Kim Babcock motion to adjourn at 8:26 passed unanimously.

Minutes submitted by:

___Leigh A Trasco___

(these minutes are a DRAFT only. Official copies require the approval date with secretary's signature.)