Sheshequin-Ulster Community Center
April 29, 2010

A regular board meeting was held at the Rec. Center on James Street, Ulster, PA, at approximately 9pm, immediately following the Annual Administrative Membership meeting.

Attending: Leigh Trasco, Paul Bennett, Janice Bennett, Laura Hewitt, Carolyn Knapp, Chris Kinner, Bob Lee. Board members absent: Sheryl Cobb, Edie Hadlock. Also present: Linda Lee

The purpose of the brief meeting was to appoint officers.

The positions are as follows:

President: Paul Bennett (nominated by Laura Hewitt; seconded by Carolyn Knapp)
Vice Pres: Chris Kinner (nominated by Leigh Trasco; seconded by Carolyn Knapp)
Secretary: Leigh Trasco (nominated by Laura Hewitt; seconded by Paul Bennett)
Treasurer: Laura Hewitt (nominated by Paul Bennett; seconded by Chris Kinner) ** Laura accepted this position under the condition that she was transitioning out of this role and that Kim Mayo was moving into the role of Treasurer after she is appropriately trained and approved by the board.

Janice Bennett offered to volunteer her services of publicity and fliers to help promote upcoming activities/events the Rec. Center plans and possibly help with planned activities.

The next meeting date will be coordinated by email.

Respectfully submitted,

Janice Bennett
Rec. Center Volunteer (acting secretary for this meeting)