Sheshequin-Ulster Community Center
Annual Meeting DRAFT MINUTES (v072209)
April 29th, 2010

The meeting, held at the Rec. Center on James Street, Ulster, PA, was called to order at 7:09 p.m. by Paul Bennett.

Attending: were representatives from Bradford County Humane Society, Cub Scouts, 4-H, Mather Memorial Library, Trinket Community Organization, Chamber of Commerce, Madelene Daugherty Activities Committee, as well as other community members, specifically, Dr. Alice Moyer, Dan Reynolds, Leigh Trasco, Paul Bennett, Janice Bennett, Laura Hewitt, Carolyn Knapp, RoseMarie Grzincic, Deb Macnamara, Andy Bishop, Tonya Coyne, Marilyn Daugherty, Michelle Harnish, Chris Kinner, Bob Lee, Linda Lee, Russell and Tammy Vanderpool, Tom Daugherty, Kim Mayo, Marcia Kesten, Tom Daugherty Jr., Dee Dee Campbell, and Patty Hadlock.

2009 Biennial Meeting Minutes: The April 29, 2009, Meeting Minutes were approved as read by Janice Bennett (volunteer, acting secretary for this meeting) from a motion by Carolyn Knapp, seconded by RoseMarie Grzincic.

President's Report: Paul Bennett (appointed as a board member late in 2009 to fill a vacancy) was asked to read the president's report, which highlighted the past year's accomplishments to include the following:
  · A 10-week basketball program for children in grades 1 through 8 was conducted by Paul Bennett late December 2009 through early March 2010 with an average of 15 kids participating weekly with good feedback.
  · Friday night skates - have been held, with fluctuating numbers. A few parents have been willing to volunteer but not every week. Two board members, Krissy Pruyne and Laura Hewitt, continue to come on Fridays to train parents, but when 3 parents are not willing to volunteer to help, they have decided to close skating since it is an ongoing problem.
  · High School Senior Project - Patty Hadlock has helped with Friday night skates.
  · Teen Help - Krissy Pruyne has recruited the help of older teens to cover the DJ responsibilities for party rentals.
  · Holiday Party Tradition - Two successful holiday parties were held - Halloween and Christmas. There was no Easter 2010 party due to lack of volunteers.
  · Recruiting: The board has attempted to recruit volunteers during Friday skates, flier handouts, and a newspaper article.
  · Publicity: Janice Bennett has written articles highlighting holiday parties, as well as an historical article showing the past, present, and future need for volunteers and new activities.

Treasurers Update/Audit Report: Laura Hewitt noted the 2009 beginning of year balance of $7563.07; income of $8510.16; expenses of $6,119.88; leaving an end of year balance of $9953.35. Copies of the full report were available on the table for anyone to look at. An audit was done by Joan Mullaly and Patricia Scala from the Bradford County Humane Society. Laura read their audit letter, confirming the accuracy of their review.

Vote of Board Positions:
Board positions still being held are that of Laura Hewitt, Sheryl Cobb, and Krissy Pruyne. Krissy, however, announced that her resignation would be forthcoming but that she would continue to volunteer until her duties were fulfilled by someone newly appointed and trained. Cathy Cook and Jennifer Vandergrift resigned earlier in the year.

The following individuals were nominated for board positions, with a unanimous show-of-hands votes to accept these nominations. Each of these new board members shared their background and reasons for wanting to be on the board.

3-year term:
Paul Bennett (nominated by Laura Hewitt/seconded by Deb Macnamara)
Chris Kinner (nominated by Paul Bennett/seconded by Laura Hewitt)
Leigh Trasco (nominated by Janice Bennett/seconded by Carolyn Knapp)

2-year term:
Carolyn Knapp (nominated by Paul Bennett/seconded by Deb Macnamara)
Edie Hadlock (nominated by Janice Bennett/seconded by Carolyn Knapp; in her absence, Edie's daughter Patty spoke about her mother's interests in serving on the board)
Bob Lee (nominated by Laura Hewitt/seconded by Carolyn Knapp)

The Administrative Membership meeting was adjourned at approximately 9 p.m. (motion by Carolyn/seconded by Janice.)

The next meeting will be in April of 2011.

Respectfully submitted,

Janice Bennett
Rec. Center Volunteer (acting secretary for this meeting)