Sheshequin-Ulster Community Center
March 9, 2010

Attending: Board Members Paul Bennett, Cathy Cook, Laura Hewitt, Carolyn Knapp, Krissy Pruyne, board members absent: Matt Rogers, Sheryl Cobb; Jennifer Vandegrift resigned by email

Minutes: A Pruyne/Knapp motion was passed to approve January 19 minutes.

Treasurer's Report:
- Laura reported adjustments to the prior 4th qtr report, with a corrected year end balance of $9,953.35. - The 2/26/10 bank statement and reconciliation was reviewed and initialed by Carolyn and Paul, the reconciled balance of checking and savings to that date is $10,079.67. It was noted that Jen was successful in collecting the cash for the prior returned NSF check.
- Bills for March include reimbursements: A Cook/Knapp motion was approved to reimburse Paul $21.58 for half the cost of pizza for the end of basketball season, Paul abstained from the vote; A Cook/Knapp motion was approved to reimburse Laura for web domain registration renewal and postage, Laura abstained from the vote.

Unfinished Business:
· Krissy distributed to the board the email response to her questions, and since no further inquiry has come from the obedience club, this issue was tabled with no further action.
· After much discussion, a Hewitt/Cook motion was approved with regrets to not have an Easter event this year due to lack of volunteers. Further discussion ensued on potential ways of recruiting more volunteers in the future since this is a recurring problem.(see 'new business')
· Krissy found someone willing to clean for $25 weekly, however, no payment arrangment had been made prior to Michelle beginning to work, so payments were made by cash per her request. Laura noted that Michelle has not been initialling reciepts for payment received, and therefore, there is no audit trail. A Knapp/Bennett motion was approved to make payment by check payable to cash in order to provide a cancelled check as necessary audit documentation. Krissy abstained from the vote. A Hewitt/Cook motion was passed to use cleaning services only after Friday night skates or other rec sponsored activities; not after rentals, which require users to clean up as part of the rental agreement.
· Paul ordered the necessary part to repair the girls room toilet, the cost will be $18 plus tax and shipping. A Knapp/Cook motion was approved to authorize Paul to make maintence and spending decisions up to $100 limit, and to notify board of when such purchases are made. Costs above $100 would need separate board approval.
· Laura spoke to Cliff Davis per an earlier lead, however, Cliff has no knowlege of stereo systems and was unable to help. Cathy will speak again to a co-worker for assistance; checking w/DJ's who have upgraded their equipment and might have something to donate was also suggested.
· No decision was made regarding combining secretary and treasurer positions. For the time being, due to Jen's resignation, Laura has agreed to cover the secretary duties.

New Business:
· A Knapp/Pruyne motion was approved to adopt an operating budget of $9,100 for 2010 (as attached), and to utilize the savings balance when needed and as prioritized in future discussion for items that could not be covered by the limited revenues anticipated. (ie: stereo, bathroom floor repair, skates)
· Preparations are underway for the annual meeting; the audit is scheduled for 3/10; a meeting date needs to be set in April, which will be done by email and phone to coordinate calendars. Also, suggestions for potential board members to be recommended on the ballot should be shared via email in the coming weeks.
· Several ideas were discussed to actively solicit volunteers. Because enough parents have not been stepping forward to help with Friday night skate, opening was delayed this past Friday until there was sufficient coverage. Cathy will draft a flyer to send home with kids. Paul relayed an offer from Janice that she would be willing to do some news articles to help increase visibility, and to promote activities prior to events rather than after. This may help in recruiting volunteers and in funding outreach.

Next Meeting: will be the annual meeting, date to be determined.

Adjournment: A Pruyne/Hewitt motion was approved to end the meeting at 9:05.