Sheshequin-Ulster Community Center
Biennial Meeting DRAFT MINUTES (v072109)
April 29th, 2009

The meeting, held at the Rec Center on James Street, Ulster PA, was called to order at 7:10 p.m. by Laura Hewitt, Vice President.

Attending: representatives from the Bradford County Humane Society, Cub Scouts, 4-H Bradford County Country Caregivers, Girl Scouts, Madelene Dougherty Activities Committee, Mather Memorial Library, Shesheequin-Ulster Community Center, Trinket Community Organization, Ulster Sheshequin Chamber of Commerce, Ulster-Sheshequin Fire Department, and the Ulster Methodist Church (full list on file)

2007 Biennial Meeting Minutes: were distributed, with a typo correction noted. A Knapp/Cobb motion was passed to accept the 2007 bi-annual meeting minutes as presented.

President's Report: Because Ray Coyne, as current president, was absent, Laura Hewitt gave a brief overview of the prior two years accomplishments. Of note were the new snack shack addition, new skates, improvements to the stage area, and the first of what is hoped to be an ongoing series of concerts in the park.
   Laura also highlighted some background of the organization, and its official formation over 50 years ago by volunteers from both sides of the river in order to receive title to the school gym. The representative structure relying on volunteers from non-profit groups was established then, and continues now to insure a broad base, keeping the organization in tune with diverse opinions of, and accountable to, the full community.
   A previously noted hope, that the administrative meeting might also become a way to highlight volunteers in the community, was discussed. Joan Mullaly shared some of the accomplishments and challenges of the Bradford County Humane Society, and the growing complexity of legal issues involved.

Treasury Report: Laura noted her absence from the Treasurer's position for personal reasons, and that Cathy Cook had filled in, but without adequate training. As a result, there had been insufficient reports over the past two years. However, in the last several months, Cathy learned the Quick Books program and was able to bring all records successfully up to date for auditing.

Audit Report: The audit for 2006, 2007, and 2008 was completed by John Macnamara; the report was distributed to all in attendance, with the original signed report and supporting financial statements on file. In summary, "Despite the exceptions in accounting and procedure, the fiscal operations of the Ulster-Sheshequin Community Center are reconciled, and profit-loss reports balance into the commencement of 2009.
   While these final reconciliations reflect that the funds controlled by the Sheshequin-Ulster Community Center are being used for their intended purpose in keeping with the stated objectives of the organization, it should be noted that without continued vigilance regarding accounting practices and compliance with policy and procedure in the operation of a not for profit organization, the funding as well as status could be in jeopardy."
   Laura noted that while this report reflects known shortcomings, it is hoped that with these prior years now accounted for, her return to active participation, and a renewal of prior accounting practices, the townships will be kept better apprized and will resume and/or increase funding.

Other Business: After some discussion regarding how to best keep administrative membership more informed and involved, a Gillette/Grzincic motion was passed unanimously to return to an annual administrative meeting schedule.
   A Gillette/Cobb motion was passed to have all regular board meeting minutes and financial reports (or a notice of posting of same on the website) emailed to those administrative members who provide an email address.

Board Vote: Cathy Cook and Tonya Coyne are currently completing the third year of their three year terms and are not subject to vote. Nominations for the remaining positions were accepted from the floor. By unanimous voice vote, the following board positions were filled: 1 year term: Carolyn Knapp; 2 year term: Laura Hewitt, Krissy Pruyne, Sheryl Cobb; 3 year term: Shari Whipple, Jennifer Vandergrift; with one 3yr term remaining vacant.
   There was some discussion regarding an audit committee, however, no nominations were made and no volunteers stepped forward.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30pm. The next administrative meeting will be in April of 2010.

(In the absence of current secretary Tonya Coyne, these minutes were taken by Laura H. Hewitt.)