Sheshequin-Ulster Community Center
Board of Directors Meeting DRAFT MINUTES

August 20th, 2008

Attending:Ray Coyne, Tonya Coyne, Cathy Cook, Marilyn Daugherty, Laura Hewitt; Absent: Andy Bishop

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. by Ray Coyne.

Minutes: A Whipple/ Cook motion was passed to accept the minutes for July 23rd, 2008.

Treasury Report: A treasury report was given by Cathy Cook. She stated that the checking account balance is $4,404.35 and the savings account balance is $4,222.58. Cathy said that she would work on getting a quarterly report ready to hand in to the township supervisors.

Previous/Unfinished Business:
· Concert- Tonya and Shari have gotten with Boyd Rowe about hooking up the electric in the park. Boyd told them that he would make sure that it was hooked up and gave them the ok to go ahead and book the band. Discussions were made about selling food concessions to try to cover the cost. It was agreed that we would sell hotdogs, hamburgers, chips, and soda. The date was set for September 19th, 2008 from 6-8 p.m. in the park. A Coyne/Cook motion was passed to have the concert in the park and to spend no more than $350.00.

New Business:
· Music- It was discussed that we need to get new music before skating starts because none of the cd's that we have will play. Discussions were had but no motions have been made at this time.
· Skate Floor- It was noted that we need to get the skate floor coated before it gets ruined. Tonya has sent Andy e-mails about this but has heard no response. Tonya will get in touch with Andy to see if he would still be interested in doing the floor and also finishing the electrical work in the snack shack.
· Game Night- We had a game night on August 8th. We had about 12 kids attend. It was stated that with better advertisement through the school that maybe we could get a better turn out. It was also mentioned that we could start holding an open gym night once or twice a week. Other ideas included having a card night for seniors and exercise classes . This is still in the discussion phase.
· Keys- Ray stated that there were an extra set of keys at the library and he will be sure to pick them up.
· Rentals- It was discussed that with the increasing rates of the utilities that we need to start charging the nonprofit organizations to use the building. It was also discussed to raise the rates on our candy sales and party rentals. Tonya will work on getting a new rates sheet made up.

A Hewitt/Daugherty was passed to adjourn the meeting at 8:12p.m.