Sheshequin-Ulster Community Center
Board of Directors Meeting DRAFT MINUTES
DRAFT SPECIAL MEETING MINUTES: for Wednesday, January 24, 2007, 7:00p.m.

Attending: Cathy Cook, RoseMarie Grzincic, Charlotte Hajduga, Shari Whipple Laura Blain absent: Patrick Grimes ( Charlotte recorded the minutes for this meeting)

Introductions: Tonya Coyne, Ray Hajduga, Both were introduced again because they have expressed an interest in joining the board.

A RoseMarie Grzincic/ Cathy Cook motion was made to accept Tonya Coyne to the board as the new secretary until the annual meeting. Welcome Tonya!

A Tonya Coyne/Cathy Cook motion was made to accept Ray Hajduga to the board as head of Building Maintenance until the annual meeting. Welcome Ray!

Discussions were addressed about Ray and Tonya joining the board their requirements were explained. A Laura Blain/ RoseMarie Grzincic motion was made to remove Patrick Grimes for the board.

Minutes: A RoseMarie Grzincic/Cathy Cook motion was made to accept both the December 13, 2006, and January 10, 2007 minutes.

Treasurer's Report: Laura presented the treasury report for November 2006. Previous Balance: $4,014.01 Total Income: $4,039.60 Inkind Contributions: $840.00 Expenses: $3,568.30 Checking Balance: $5,725.31 (as of 11/30/06) December Statement has been reconciled. There is also a $40.00 receipt for what? Charlotte explained it was for a party on Dec. 17, 06 for Barbara Martin.
  A RoseMarie Grzincic/Tonya Coyne motion was made to accept payment of bills. December bills have been approved as presented.
  A RoseMarie Grzincic/Tonya Coyne motion was made to approve payment of all regular operating expenses and bills for 2007. Any other expenditures will need separate motions until a budget is passed.

Unfinished Business:
· 1. Building Maintenance: Ray gave a brief report about current building conditions and skate conditions. Ray was given permission by the board to handle expanding the skate closet and fixing things that generally need replaced.
· 2. Skate Reports: Charlotte gave an overview of 2007 skating and expressed that the volunteer rotation is working well.
· 3. Stereo: Ray and Cathy have agreed to form a task force in order to research what is needed to purchase. Cathy will check with some co-workers about what we need.
· 4. Prices: A lenghty discussion was made on our prices. A Shari Whipple/Laura Blain Motion was made to reduce our skating prices to admission: $2.00 per child and $ .50 per skate rental.
· 5. Easter Party/ Parties for 2007. The board has been discussing bringing back the three main parties that the committee used to sponsor. In order to do so We are going to reduce the duration of the summer program to two weeks and rework our budget to provide 3 parties during 2007: A Laura Blain/RoseMarie Grzincic motion was made to set a budget of $300.00 per party, with Easter, Halloween and Christmas being the designated parties.
· 6. Fundraisers: A task group of Ray and Tonya has been designated to work on Fundraising options. A Laura Blain/RoseMarie Grzincic motion was made to set aside any fundraising money toward the purchase of repairing and replacing skates.

A RoseMarie Grzincic/Tonya Coyne motion was made to adjourn meeting at 9:05 p.m.

Next Board meeting will be: Wednesday March 14, 2007 at the Library at 7:00 p.m.