Sheshequin-Ulster Community Center
Board of Directors Meeting DRAFT MINUTES
October 11, 2006

Attending: Board: Cathy Cook, RoseMarie Grzincic, Charlotte Hajduga, Shari Whipple, Alison Olmstead. Absent: Laura Blain, Patrick Grimes. Meeting was called to order at 7:20 p.m. by Charlotte Hajduga. Minutes: A RoseMarie Grzincic/Alison Olmstead motion was passed to accept the minutes of September 13, 2006.

Treasurer's Report: Laura Blain was unable to attend, no treasurer's report was read.

Unfinished Business:
· 1. Building Maintenance. Shari Whipple purchased enough filters for the next eight months. The one in at present is okay and will be checked/replaced next month. Water bucket needs to be checked. The disco light is broken and keeps blowing bulbs, prices need to be checked for a new one. Cathy will check with Romaine on the lights they used to use at the bowling alley. Shari will change the light bulb out front.
· 2. Funding. Laura attended the Sheshequin Township meeting and provided the requested information. Sheshequin Township will release the $2,000 donation.
· 3. Opening Skate. 30 kids attended the first week of skate, 32 the following
· 4. Halloween Skate. Scheduled for October 27 from 7-9 pm. Peoples State Bank will be donating cider and the Ulster Dandy will donate five dozen donuts. Cathy Cook will donate napkins, paper cups and two gifts for the corner game and limbo. Hannah will make posters. A RoseMarie Grzincic/Shari Whipple motion was made to allow face paint, hats and hair color. An Alison Olmstead/Cathy Cook motion was made to allow for $1.00 admission.
· 5. Stereo. Alison presented the quote for new stereo equipment. We need to check into including a microphone.
· 6. Basketball. George Welch would like to start weekly open basketball for boys and girls 10 years and older. Charlotte would like Cathy to advertise.

New Business:
· 1. Soda Key. Shari Whipple has the only soda machine key. Charlotte will look into having duplicates made
· 2. Christmas Party. Because of the time frame, we would like to get ideas going and communicate via email if necessary, but lets come up with thoughts for decorations etc….

Next Meeting: Will be Wednesday, November 8, 2006, at 7:00 p.m at the Mather Memorial Library.

An Alison Olmstead/Shari Whipple motion was passed to adjourn the meeting at 8:46 p.m.