Sheshequin-Ulster Community Center
Board of Directors Meeting DRAFT MINUTES
September 14, 2005

Attending - Laura Blain, Charlotte Hajduga, RoseMarie Grzincic, Shari Whipple, ( Absent- Harold Renninger, Patrick Grimes) Also attending- Alison Olmstead, Samantha Robinson, Matt Roach, Hannah Roach

Introductions - Alison is interested in joing the board. Samantha would like to help out. Both work at Peoples State Bank, in Ulster. Matt and Hannah are here to find out information about when skating will start this season.

Meeting was called to order at 7:17 p.m. by Shari

Meeting minutes - A Laura Blain/RoseMarie Grzincic motion was made to accept the August 10, 2005 minutes, also adding in future to include the names of those who are absent from meeting.

Treasurer's Report - was provided by Laura Blain
· 1. Report- August 2005 Previous Balance- $ 6,677.26 Revenues- $ 2,190.00 (includes money from Ulster Twp.) Expenditures- $ 1,182.83 (includes wages from summer program) Balance end of August- $ 7,684.43 Savings account Balance- $ 3,023.25 (no changes)
· Charlotte Hajduga reviewed and initialed reconciliation, all figures match.

Previous/ Unfinished Business-
· 1. Building Maintenance- Shari, submitted estimate from Mr. White Roof- $32./hr. plus materials approx. $3200. Floors- $3,279. Handicap ramp- $83. Entry ceiling leak- $32.
  A Laura Blain/Charlotte Hajduga motion was passed on August 14, 2005 via email- to allow Shari Whipple to purchase materials for the Handicap Ramp and for her to repair it.
  Charlotte has a call in to Ted Malawski for an estimate, waiting for response.
  Harold sent an email in his absence, Has not been able to reach Dick's construction.
  Alison will contact Mike Vanderpool about getting an estimate, contact Charlotte to set up time to see building.
Don Roach has been asked to provide an estimate.
  Suggestion was made by Charlotte and Laura, to get as many bids as quickly as possible within the next week. As soon as 3 bids are received, Board may vote by email for an approval.
· 2. Summer Program- Recap- Will be tabled until next meeting.
· 3. Supervisor's Funding- nothing new has been heard from either Township.
· 4. Signs- Laura provided and idea for a stencil for board out front. Harold, sent an email in his absence, he called D.O.T, was told to contact supervisors, waiting to a response from Warren Knapp.
· 5. Board Vacancies-
  A Laura Blain/Charlotte Hajduga motion was made to elect Alison Olmstead as representative for Sheshequin Ulster Community Center.
  A Laura Blain/RoseMarie Grzincic motion was made to make Charlotte Hajduga, President; and to make Alison Olmstead, secretary to Board of Director's. Once the motions are approved, Bank Resolution will be changed to address new signatures and titles. Harold will be asked to review these minutes asap. and vote by email to approve them, since there was not quorum.

New Business-
· 1. Floor Sealer- Shari suggested we check into costs of getting floor sealed.
· 2. Katrina Victims- discussion was made about community efforts to help Katrina victims. If we are approached by another organization to use rec center space for meeting or other needs to help them out, board is in agreement to do what we can.

A Charlotte Hajduga/RoseMarie Grzincic motion was made to adjourn meeting at 8:30p.m.

Next Meeting: Will be Wednesday October 12, 2005- 7:00 p.m. at the Rec Center.