Sheshequin-Ulster Community Center
Board of Directors Meeting DRAFT MINUTES

Attending- Laura Blain, Charlotte Hajduga, Harold Renninger, Shari Whipple, RoseMarie Grzincic

Meeting was called to order at 7:27 p.m. by Shari Whipple Meeting minutes - A Harold Renninger/RoseMarie Grzincic motion was passed to approve the July 13, 2005 meeting minutes as amended to reflect that the scheduled June meeting was cancelled by Sandie in anticipation of a special meeting with township supervisors re: funding. (see new business)

Treasurer's Report - was provided by Laura Blain
· 1. Report- Previously reported balance (end of June) $ 7,249.74; July Revenue $30.00; July Expenditures $602.48; Ending Balance (July 29, 2005) $6,677.26. Savings account Balance- $ 3,023.25
  RoseMarie and Harold revreviewed figures and signed reconciliation.
· 2. IRS- 501C3- no response yet from IRS.

Previous/ Unfinished Business-
· 1. Building Maintenance- We need to get bids for floor and roof Laura, Harold and Shari are all going to contact contractors for bids
· 2. Summer Program- Program will end tomorrow with a family picnic. Overall, it appears to have gone well. Laura submitted a press release to the Daily Review and the Morning Times, which has not yet been printed. A final report will be completed by Laura and Charlotte to be archived in the Summer Program file.
· 3. Supervisor's Meeting/Township funding - A recent Daily Review newspaper article indicated that Ulster may be offering $5,000 for major repairs, and suggested Sheshequin might do the same. Because our meeting is tonight , no rec representatives are able to attend the Sheshequin Twp meeting this same evening. We have no further information or confirmation on this possible funding.
· 4. Signs - Harold said he will check with PennDOT about a sign on 220. Harold and Laura will work on a proposed sign stencil for the building, and will submit at the next meeting.

New Business -
· 1 - Resignations - Sandie and David Benjamin submitted a letter of resignation by email on August 8, 2005, to be effective immediately. A Charlotte Hajduga/Harold Renninger motion was passed to accept their resignations.
· 2 - Bank Signatures - A Harold Renninger/Rosemarie Grzincic motion was passed to approve a resolution changing the signatories on the bank accounts; Treasurer Laura Blain, plus VP Shari Whipple or Sect Charlotte Hajduga are designated as the approved signatories, and two signatures will be required for all powers.
· 3 - Recruiting new board members and volunteers - Laura spoke with Alison Olmstead, who expressed an interest in volunteering as Secretary.

A RoseMarie Grzincic/Harold Renninger motion was passed to adjourn the meeting at 8:34 p.m.

Next Meeting: Will be Wednesday, September 14 2005 at the Rec center at 7:00p.m.