Sheshequin-Ulster Community Center
Board of Directors Meeting DRAFT MINUTES
March 30, 2005

Attending: Laura Blain, RoseMarie Grzincic, Sandie Benjamin, David Benjamin, Shari Whipple, Charlotte Hajduga The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. Minutes: A Laura Blain/Sandie Benjamin motion was made to accept January 12, 2005 minutes.

Treasurer's Report: 1. Report- Laura Blain gave the following figures about the treasury. Previously reported Balance (Dec. 2004) $ 4,506.00. Corrected Adjustment + $60. (previous posting error correction) Previous Balance-$ 4,566.00 Expenditures (Jan. & Feb.)- $ 1,384.19 Revenues (Jan. & Feb.)- $ 1,211.23 Current Balance- $ 4,393.04 These Figures match Quick Books. Savings account Balance- $ 3,014.27

Previous/Unfinished Business-
· 1. Building Maintenance- furnace filter- Shari changed about 2 weeks ago. floor in boy's room- Get Estimates roof- Get Estimates
· 2. Board Vacancies- still 3 Charlotte will speak to Harold and see if he would like to be on the board. David will talk to Scott Estes again. No one has heard any reply from Reenie Kithcart.
· 3. Annual Meeting- Charlotte Reported that the letters were made up and mailed out to everyone on the list, waiting for replies. Will follow up via, phone and email.

New Business-
· 1. By-Law recommendations-
  Annual Meeting to Bi-annual Meeting This would change our Annual meeting to once every other year. We would still continue to have a yearly audit and provide financial report when needed. A David Benjamin/RoseMarie Grzincic motion was made to recommend the Annual Meeting be changed to a Bi-annual meeting with an Annual Audit.
  Vote By Proxy or Mail Ballot. This change would enable the delegates from the Community to vote by either a proxy or mail ballot when they can not attend the meeting. "Proxy" is being defined by - Someone else can have permission to vote for you in your absense. example: a card would be mailed out (voter checks appropriate space) __ will attend __ absentee __ I appoint ________________ to vote in my absense A Charlotte Hajduga/ Laura Blain motion was made to recommend sending out Mail and Proxy Ballots to all voters for next Annual/Bi-annual meeting.
  Change Existing Board Size-A Laura Blain/RoseMarie Grzincic motion was made to recommend reducing size of board from current size of 9 to a variable size of 7-9, With Quarum of 5 and a Majority vote of 3.
  Terms of Officers- from 3 years a piece staggered, like they are now to 1 year a piece. No motion was made to change this.
· 2. Suggested Slate- A Laura Blain/RoseMarie Grzincic motion was made to list the following people as officers on the Annual Meeting Ballot. President - Sandie Benjamin Vice President - Shari Whipple Treasurer- Laura Blain Secretary- Charlotte Hajduga Executive Committee Member- RoseMarie Grzincic
· 3. DJ, Equipment, Skates- Jeff Harford has resigned as DJ/Volunteer to the Rec Center. His keys have been turned in to Sandie. Thank You to Jeff for all of your years of Service. Discussions were made about condition of skates, Stereo & Speakers, possible repair and/or replacement will be needed in future.
· 4. Closing Dates- Table discussion of this until next meeting. A Laura Blain/Charlotte Hajduga motion was passed to adjorn meeting at 9:01 p.m.

Next Meeting: Will be the Annual Meeting Tuesday April 26, 2005 - 7:30 p.m at the Rec Center.