Sheshequin-Ulster Community Center
Board of Directors Meeting DRAFT MINUTES
AUGUST 11, 2004

Attending:    Laura Blain, David Benjamin, Sandra Benjamin, RoseMarie Grzincic, Shari Whipple, Charlotte Hajduga, Pastor Rick Stackhouse; Board Members Absent: Melissa Cobb-Grzella, Cathy Cook.

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm.

Minutes: A Sandi Benjamin/RoseMarie Grzincic motion was passed to accept the minutes for May 11, 2004.

Treasurer's Report: Melissa was not present - No Report

Previous/Unfinished Business:
    1. Building Maintenance- furnace filter had been replaced by David, 6/26/04 Disco Light- Someone needs to contact Harold. General Maintenace, David modified plate on Door lock- may put face plate also fixed doors on candy closet, replaced flourescent lights - utility closet. David also reported the bathrooms keep blowing circuits, sinks not working and the ceiling has been leaking. Shari- put on thermostat cover. Missy has the key. Other one is for old furnace
    2. Building Use Contract Will post on website.
    3. Volunteer Sign up Forms- Sandie now has these
    4. Tammy Vanderpool - Resignation was received on 5/15/04;    A motion was passed by Sandi Benjamin/Rick Stackhouse to accept Tammy Vanderpool's resignation.
    5. Board Vacancy:    A RoseMarie Grzincic/Sandi Benjamin motion was passed to appoint Charlotte Hajduga, who is already acting Board Secretary, to fill Tammy's vacated board position.
    6. Meth Awareness Program- Charlotte gave a short report. Program was a sucess, very informative, had about 30 people attended presentaion given By Sheriff Steve Evans. David mentioned that we may want to offer it again to the community at another date.
    7. Summer Program - Sandi Benjamin gave report, going extremely well. David Benjamin had given report to Supervisors.
    8. Board Training- We have board training packets - Laura would like to incorperate some of training into future meetings.
    9. 501c3 Application- nothing back from IRS yet.

New Business:
    1. After school Alliance, web site Board Info , Links
    2. Borrow tables: Laura will borrow tables from Rec Center for Trinket Festival as well as Mt. Pisgah tents.
    3. Treasury not sure if Melissa can still do it on accout of her schedule. If she can not Cathy Cook may be willing to take it over.
    4. Opening Night of Skating- A David Benjamin/Sandi Benjamin motion was passed to open skating on Friday September 24, 2004. David brought up the fact we need to have a "Learning Bee" so everyone can learn to do everything so skating will run smoother. David will act as a Volunteer Coordinator - He will bring calendar to next meeting.

Next Meeting: Will be TUESDAY, September 14, 2004, at 7:00 pm.

A motion was passed by Sandie Benjamin/Shari Whipple to adjourn meeting at 8:52 pm.

*Note- please bring calendars to next meeting with dates you are able to volunteer for skating.