Sheshequin-Ulster Community Center
April 27, 2004
(Board of Directors Regular Meeting DRAFT MINUTES below)

Attending: See attached list. (list on file)

The meeting was called to order at 7:40 PM by President Laura Blain.

A Mary Ellen Estes/Greg Grenier motion was passed to accept the minutes for the April 22, 2003 Annual Meeting.

Laura gave an overview of the accomplishments of the past year. David and Sandra Benjamin were introduced as interim board appointees who filled vacancies left by the resignations of Donald Roach and Edward Knapp.

The 2002 Audit was completed by Libby King and Mike Galacci. Libby King reported that upon review of the documents between January 1, 2002, through December 31, 2002, and interviews with Laura Blain and Tammy Vanderpool, it appears that funds controlled by the Sheshequin-Ulster Community Center are being used for their intended purpose in keeping with the stated objectives of the organization. The written report is on file.

Charlotte Hayduga from the Trinket Community Organization of Sheshequin Township asked the members to consider having Sheriff Evans present a combined program to Ulster and Sheshequin residents at the Rec Center on the Bradford County Meth problem. Tentative date is May 19, 2004. It was unanimously agreed upon.

Ballots were then distributed, and nominations were opened. There were no nominations from the floor. Eric Matthews and Harold Renninger, Jr. tallied the votes. The full slate as proposed by the board was accepted: Cathy Cook, Rose Marie Grzincic, and Sandie Benjamin were elected for three year terms; David Benjamin was elected to complete the one year term. Libby King and Mary Ellen Estes were elected as the Audit Committee.

Refreshments were then provided.

A Libby King/Lisa Reynolds motion was passed to adjourn at 8:15 PM.

The next regular meeting will open following this adjournment; the next annual meeting is scheduled for the 4th Tuesday of April, 2005.

Board of Directors Regular Meeting DRAFT MINUTES
APRIL 27, 2004

Attending:    Laura Blain, Pastor Rick Stackhouse, David Benjamin, Sandra Benjamin, Melissa Cobb-Grzella, RoseMarie Grzincic, Cathy Cook, Shari Whipple; Board Member Absent: Tammy Vanderpool; Guests: Charlotte Hajduga, Greg Grenier, Edward Knapp

The meeting was called to order at 8:30 PM.

Minutes:    Sandie stated the minutes for the April 13, 2004 meeting had not yet been completed.

Treasurer's Report:    Laura explained that she and Melissa were working on updating the books but that they were not complete at this time.

Vote:    Laura then turned the meeting over to presiding Vice President, Shari Whipple, to call for a nomination for president. A Rick Stackhouse/RoseMarie Grzincic motion was passed to nominate Laura Blain for President.
  Shari then turned the meeting back over to President, Laura Blain, for the remaining nominations.
  A RoseMarie Grzincic/Cathy Cook motion was passed to nominate Sandie Benjamin as Vice President.
  A Sandie Benjamin/Cathy Cook motion was passed to nominate Shari Whipple as Executive Committiee Member.
  A Sandie Benjamin/David Benjamin motion was passed to nominate Melissa Cobb-Grzella as Treasurer.
  A Sandie Benjamin/Cathy Cook motion was passed to nominate Charlotte Hajduga as Secretary. It is noted that Charlotte is accepting this appointment without holding a board position. No other board members are willing to serve as secretary, and all present thanked Charlotte for accepting the position.

Charlotte Hajduga at that time began taking meeting minutes.

Visitor Issues:    Charlotte Hajduga, also from Trinket Community Center, presented the idea to the board about both organizations getting together with Sheriff Evans and holding a Meth awareness program. A tentative date was set for Wednesday May 19th at the Rec Center at 7:30 pm. The board unanimously agreed to co-sponsor the program.

Previous/Unfinished Business:
1. Board Resignation:    David Benjamin had brought up the fact that no formal resignation had been made by Tammy Vanderpool. Pastor Stackhouse stated that she should submit a letter of resignation, just as a formality. Laura agreed to ask Tammy to submit her resignation in writing.

2. Volunteers needed   David Benjamin also brought up the fact we need more volunteers for everything, Not just board members doing everything all of the time.

New Business:   
1. Closing Date for Skating,    A Melissa Cobb-Grzella/David Benjamin motion was passed for Friday May 21st to be the last Skate of the season.

2. Work Committee/ Planning Summer Program    David mentioned we should get a committee together soon.

Next Meeting: Will be TUESDAY, May 11, 2004, at 7:00pm.

A motion was passed by Sandy Benjamin/Melissa Cobb-Grzella to adjourn meeting at 8:58 pm.