Sheshequin-Ulster Community Center
    Board of Directors Meeting
    July 9, 2003 DRAFT MINUTES
    Present:  Laura Blain, Rick Stackhouse, Donald Roach Jr., Tammy
  Vanderpool,   Shari Whipple, Cathy Cook, Melissa Cobb-Grzella
    Absent:   Edward Knapp, Rosemarie Grzincic
    This meeting was rescheduled from yesterday to today; and was
	called to order at 7:45 p.m.
    Minutes: Rick Stackhouse/Donald Roach Jr., Motion was passed to
  accept the   minutes for June 10, 2003.
    Treasurer's report:  * Note during a work section on June 24th
  Tammy   Vanderpool reported May 2003 information. Beginning
  balance $5194.31   Expenses paid $865.83 (Including loan payment
  $506.64) Income $710.79,   Ending Balance $5,039.57, available
  balance after loan = $3,537.06.
    June 2003 treasurer's report, Tammy Vanderpool reported Beginning
  balance   $5,039.57 Expenses paid 708.92 (Including loan payment
  $506.64) Income   $60.00, Ending Balance as of June 30, 2003
  $4,390.65, available balance after   loan = $3,384.48.
    Tammy also reported that we had received notification that Ulster
  Township will   be releasing the $2,000.00 in allocated funds for
  operation of the rec center. In   addition to allocated funds the
  supervisors have voted to also release additional   $1,000.00 funds for
  the Summer Recreation Program bringing the to total to   $3,000.00. 
  Sheshequin township supervisors have budgeted $2000.00 to cover  
  operating cost for the Rec-center. 
    Laura Blain reported that we have received a $500.00 grant from
  Partners in   Family & Community Development (PFCD) to cover
  transportation cost for the   Youth Summer Recreation Program.
    Melissa Cobb-Grzella/Shari Whipple Motion was passed to accept
  treasurers'   report.
    Old Business:  
    Laura Blain reported the Audit committee had meet twice but was not
  finished   with the audit, however, everything looks good. Libby King
  contacted township   supervisor Gerry Chandler and informed him that
  the audit will take another 6   hours, but so far the figures are very
    Stage curtains: Donald Roach reported that Matt Rodgers now may
  not be able   to provide the pipe needed to hang the curtains. Tammy
  Vanderpool will speak   to her (Russell) husband to see if his employer
  maybe able to help.  
    The roof is still in need of repair Donald Roach reported that he needs
  help; Rick   Stackhouse volunteered to assist him.
    New Business:
    Laura Blain presented the estimate of cost from Gannon Insurance on
  adding   medical coverage to our insurance. To add $1,000.00 per
  person up to   $25,000.00 per incident will increase our cost by $28.00
  per year. Tammy   Vanderpool/ Donald Roach Jr. made a motion to
  add the coverage at the above cost. Motion carried.
    Summer Program:
    There was a long discussion on the final details for the Summer
  Recreation Program.  The following was determined.
     Program will start July 29, 2003 and end August 21, 2003.
     Program would run 3 days a week (Tuesday to Thursday) from 9am   
         to 12pm. 
     There will be a cap of 25 children.
     Registration fee of $5.00 per child up to $10.00. Family's with more   
         than 2 children pay a family fee of $10.00.  (fee will be
		  waived if requested in cases of financial hardship.)
     Two positions need to be filled with a possible third person    
           (Program Coordinator, program assistant and assistant.) 
      Rate of pay coordinator $7.00 per hour, program assistant $6.00 per  
          hour and the assistant $5.15 per hour.
      Work hours for coordinator and program assistant would be 8:30-     
          12:30. This would allow for prep and clean up time. Assistant        
           would work 9-12 but only when there are more than 15 children.
       There will be a weekly field trip.
    Two bus drivers had been contacted to provide transportation for field
  trips.   Both said no.  Kathy Cook will contact Roger Horton to see if
  he would be able to provide the service. 
    There was discussion on allowing Board members children to apply
  for the open   positions and advertising. Tammy Vanderpool/Kathy
  Cook made a motion to move forward and fill all three positions
  without advertising due to the lack of   time and not to allow board
  member's families to apply for paid positions.   Motion carried.
     Next Meeting is August 12, 2003, at 7:30pm.
    Melissa Cobb-Grzella/Rick Stackhouse Motion to adjourned 9:25 pm