We are a Volunteer Based Organization; Parents and other Community Members are encouraged to volunteer. In addition to Friday Skate and/or Holiday Parties, we also have evenings open that could be scheduled for basketball, volleyball, dances, or other activities. This is YOUR community... Jump in! Please call 570-358-3452, or send an email to mail @ theRecCenter.org to offer your help. (NOTE: this is NOT a live link - please copy and paste the addy into your email program, and REMOVE the spaces.)
  And many THANKS to all of our past and current volunteers for keeping this community center going. For those who aren't aware, our volunteers are NOT just the faces you see on Friday nights, but also those who clean the center during the week, shop for candy and soda, make bank deposits, schedule events, make emergency building or equipment repairs, plow snow, etc. THANK YOU!

(photo and info about Madelene Daugherty here, and volunteer recognition awards?)

A Participant's Report on our 2006 Summer Recreation Program
   (submitted 7/29/06 by SR) "Come on kids, join the fun! It's summer rec time, thre's lots to see and do, to have fun and learn! This week, we had the police dogs come and the fire chief.
  The police dogs showed us what they have learned and can do. The police dogs also showed us a demonstration, and we also got to pet them.
  Then we had the fire chief come, he showed us the gear they wear and how the fire hose works, and we all got to take a peek at the fire truck and we got to see the hose being hooked up to the fire hydrant.
  We all had a fun week and hope to have more.
  We would like to thank Nancy and Jack (the police dog trainers) and Mr. Radney from the fire department for giving up their time to come and talk to us. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Thanks from Summer 2005 Rec Participants
  As one of many activities at this year's Sheshequin-Ulster Community Center summer program, a "Thank you Garden" was planted by the children of both townships. As in prior years, the summer recreation program is the result of a combined effort of volunteers and paid staff, supported by township donations, local business and organizations contributions and program presentations.
  The idea for the garden was inspired by donations directed to the center on the passing of a former board member and community volunteer. This garden does not recognize any one individual, but instead, as was pointed out to the children, is an expression of thanks to all of those 'invisible volunteers' who contribute their time and energy for the benefit of their communities. The children participated in an activity that demonstrated how much is done in the background, how those unseen folks do not get the thanks they deserve, and that one way to compensate is to pass kind acts on to others.
  The summer program began with a visit from the Dairy Princess. During the past several weeks, local youth participated in environmental, self esteem, and health awareness activities. In the final week, the children enjoyed a field trip to the STATmedevac Helicopter, and a family picnic.
  Besides appreciation to those already mentioned, thanks also go to the Abuse and Rape Crisis Center, Bradford County Conservation District, Edge Fitness Center, Nickeson's Greenhouse, and Bishop Brother's Hardware. With their contributions, the program is growing, the children are learning; and with continued help, both seen and unseen, the children will be encouraged to keep passing it on!