(UPDATED April 15, 2022)

"Rec's Got Talent", April 23, 2022, begins at 10 am. (click here to open flyer)

Roller Skating IS OPEN!!! Fridays beginning October 15, 2021
$3 admission
(Remember: No school = no skate)
If parents/guardians are not staying with their child(ren), they must drop off and pick up their child(ren) and leave contact information with a Rec Center volunteer, unless other arrangements have been made.
Children may not leave the building, unless being picked up early by a parent/guardian.
To volunteer, contact us! send an email to mail @ theRecCenter.org (NOTE: this is NOT a live link - please copy and paste the addy into your email program, and REMOVE the spaces.)


photo courtesy of J BennettHoliday Parties

   At right, teams competing in a "dressing like a snowman" contest, from our 2011 Christmas Party, an annual community celebration.

   Watch this website and the local news for dates and times for our annual Holiday parties - Easter, Halloween, and Christmas.

and other events -
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  We are a Volunteer Based Organization; Parents and other Community Members are encouraged to volunteer. In addition to Friday Skate and/or Holiday Parties, we also have evenings open that could be scheduled for basketball, volleyball, dances, or other activities. This is YOUR community... Jump in! Please call 570-358-3709, or send an email to mail @ theRecCenter.org to offer your help. (NOTE: this is NOT a live link - please copy and paste the addy into your email program, and REMOVE the spaces.)
  And many THANKS to all of our past and current volunteers for keeping this community center going. For those who aren't aware, our volunteers are NOT just the faces you see on Friday nights, but also those who clean the center during the week, shop for candy and soda, make bank deposits, schedule events, make emergency building or equipment repairs, plow snow, etc. THANK YOU!
  Will YOU join us?

some past special events:
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"Ulster Cemetery's Civil Warriors"

May 21, 2011, Kurt D. Lafy lead a lecture/tour of the American Civil War veterans who "sleep the long sleep" in Ulster Cemetery. (See photos here)

Gary Strope and the Bandits at Totem Park, Ulster, Friday, June 19th, 2009


2006 Summer Recreation Program
... with a visit from the fire chief at the fire truck and we got to see the hose being hooked up to the fire hydrant. See a 'thank you note'here


  a "Thank You Garden", planted Summer 2005

   With appreciation for all of those 'invisible volunteers' who contribute their time and energy for the benefit of their communities.